Principality (Duchy) of Anhalt-Dessau
Fürstentum (Herzogtum) Anhalt-Dessau  (German)





19th century flag
of Anhalt duchies
19th century arms
of Anhalt duchies

Anhalt duchies, 1847–63:

  • Anhalt-Dessau in red
  • Anhalt-Köthen in blue
  • Anhalt-Bernburg in yellow
Capital Dessau
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
   Partitioned from Anhalt-Zerbst 1396
  Partitioned to create A-Köthen 1471
  Partitioned to create A-Plötzkau and A-Zerbst
  Annexed back to A-Zerbst (later: Anhalt)
  Raised to duchy 1807
   Merged with Anhalt-Köthen 1853
  Duchy of Anhalt reunited 1863
Today part of  Germany
Coat of arms of Anhalt-Dessau-Köthen according to Siebmachers Wappenbuch

Anhalt-Dessau was a principality and later a duchy located in Germany. It was created in 1396 following the partition of the Principality of Anhalt-Zerbst. The capital of the state was Dessau. Anhalt-Dessau experienced a number of partitions throughout its existence with Anhalt-Köthen being created in 1471. The principality was partitioned for a second time in 1544 with Anhalt-Zerbst and Anhalt-Plötzkau being created. From 1561 until 1603 Anhalt-Dessau was under the rule of the Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst, and in 1603 Anhalt-Dessau was recreated, being raised to a duchy in 1807.

Anhalt-Köthen became extinct on the death of the Duke of Anhalt-Köthen, 23 November 1847, and its territories were united to Anhalt-Dessau by Patent of 22 May 1853.[1] Following the death of the last Duke of Anhalt-Bernburg on 19 August 1863, all of the Anhalt lands came under the rule of the Duke of Anhalt-Dessau who then took the new title of Duke of Anhalt for the newly created Duchy of Anhalt.[1]

Rulers of Anhalt-Dessau

Princes (1396–1561)

To Anhalt-Zerbst 1561.

Princes (1603–1807)

Raised to Duchy 1807.

Dukes (1807–1863)

Renamed Duchy of Anhalt 1863.



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