Deng Feng-Zhou

Deng Feng-Zhou
Born (1949-10-10) October 10, 1949
Chiayi City, Taiwan
Other names
Residence Tainan City, Taiwan
Nationality  Republic of China
Fields Chinese poetry
Local history
Inner alchemy
Alma mater Chung Yuan Christian University
Notable awards Tainan city 2012 prominent veteran traditional poet

Deng Feng-Zhou (simplified Chinese: 邓丰洲; traditional Chinese: 鄧豐洲; pinyin: Dèng Fēngzhōu; born October 10, 1949, other names Deng Chang-dao 鄧昌島 or Shanyangzi 善陽子) is a Chinese poet, Local history writer, Taoist Neidan academics and Environmentalist.


Deng Feng-Zhou was born in 1949 in Chiayi City, Taiwan. He was educated at Beiyuan Elementary School, Giaoping Elementary School, National Chia-yi Industrial Vocational High School and graduated from Chung Yuan Christian University Department of Chemical Engineering.

Since 1978 he was living in Shanhua District, Tainan. He entered the Taiwan Sugar Corporation Services in 1980. He also served as director of Taiwan Sugar Corporation of Air Quality Inspection Center from 2001 to 2002.[1] He served as head of Beigang Sugar Factory in 2005.

Research Expertise

Deng Feng-Zhou research interests are Chinese poetry, Local history and Inner alchemy.

Deng Feng-Zhou exercises Neidan.

Major works

Deng Feng-Zhou's work more than 20 kinds of books stored in the library Shanhua, Tainan.[4]

Mr. Deng Fengzhou's work area in Shanhua Library



Inner alchemy (Shanyangxuanyuan books)

Environmental Protection works


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